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*You are designing an addition and no accurate information exists*


*High water bills with unaccountable lossÖ New mains wonít pass the pressure testÖ*


*You have a buried short and canít find itÖ*


*Are there buried lines under the proposed addition?*


*You canít find the manholes and the sewers backing up!*


*They canít fix the leak until they find the valve at the main, where is that at?*


*The plans are old and outdated or not believable*


*MISS DIG wonít come!!  Your water department wonít help you!*


*The electric company wonít stake after the transformer*


*The water, sewer, electric, telephone, building to building fiber optics, parking and ground light wires, irrigation pipe/control wires and steam have been installed and here come the landscapers and tree spades, where did they bury all that stuff???*


*The maintaince man retired and took all the information with him*


*You are doing an environmental study for contamination and have to drill test wells in each utility trench and pinpoint locations are required*


* You are responsible for maintaince or construction at your facility and the contractor needs you to find the    buried wires and pipes, what will you do to accomplish this before they damage your infrastructure and put you out of service and then want to back charge you for the repair and down time.*



Miss Dig is an answering service that dispatches the public utilities to locate and stake their utilities, not yours, and they won't, no matter how much you beg.

Many water Departments will not locate the water or sewer lines on private properties such as apartment complex's, commercial centers or industrial facilities even though you buy service from them, most Utilities now consider these sites private and won't come either due to liability, time constraints, budget or ownership.


ARBOR EAST LOCATING is designed to service only private utility systems, such as yours, we provide underground line locating for all the systems, water, sewer, steam, telephone, electric, fiber optics, private communications, satellite wires, security, street light wiring, curb valves, manholes and property markers.


We also confirm and precisely mark lines already marked by Miss Dig to provide contractors with a tighter target, digging by hand for hours looking for a missed or casually marked line is costly, tighter staking saves money and time.


The money spent to find the various lines on a private site is well spent to avoid a little fiber optics line or street light wires that can cost thousands to repair or replace.


Avoiding damage is the mission. Underground pipe contractors or treespade operators simply do not have the material on hand to correctly repair a broken wire before its reburied and forgotten! Many of our calls are to find faults in buried wires that have anything from corroded makeshift repairs to posts drilled or trees planted in them.


And for the treespade and backhoe operators, it's easier to budget and bid this expense, than pay for unforeseen damage







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